Oi! Great FEB think Tank! I'm back today with Ancient Submarines. We ask the question, did the Phoenician’s arrive in Submarines? We look at the gob smacking evidence through the Jonah & the Whale Narrative in the Bible. What we find is the same story is told in India with Vishnu the fish, in Central America with Quetzalcoatl & Tiki Viracocha both arrived on land from a fish.We look into the official story of Submarines which they say started in i620s & a look at a Later Civil War Submarine ‘The Hunley’ for more evidence. We look into Giants & an ancient Arab book of inventions. Mindblowing Vintage Photos of Sicily and Malta. Pics of the day, and I hope you all enjoy & share this video. Thanks! Please make sure to subscribe click the notification bell & not miss the FEB think tank juice again. Peace & love to all!

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